Smoothies and juices are the most popular ways of consuming wheatgrass, but other recipes involve baking, dips and pesto’s, which makes an excellent treat to dress up the veggie snacks. Wheatgrass has a much more distinctive flavour that a person can either hate or love. Freshly extracted wheatgrass juice either in the form of a juice or powder supplement is the recommended when you want to incorporate into your meals. Since the cellulose in the grass is tough, you might not be able to efficiently extract all the nutrients unless you use a high-end blender. As with other foods, wheatgrass should also be consumed in moderation.2 to 3 oz. of freshly squeezed juice or 1 tablespoon of the powder is enough for any daily intake.

You should always bear in mind the guidelines when making smoothies, juices or any other wheatgrass recipes; thus it is necessary to consult your nutritionist or dietician before intake.

Wheatgrass Juice

If you have a juicer or a blender and fresh wheatgrass, then you can easily enjoy a glass (One serving) of the wheatgrass juice for your breakfast or as a snack in between your meals, that is lunch and dinner. Just 2oz of the juice cats a full meal due to its high chlorophyll and nutrient contents. Drinking this healthy feast first thing in the morning will help boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and protecting your body against any infection and diseases. This is because wheatgrass juice is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream as soon as it is drunk, meaning that you will feel an energy boost since it increases the red blood cells count. Wheatgrass juice makes such an ideal treat and snack for an afternoon slump.

The Super Green Juice

  • 2 ounces fresh wheatgrass
  • Two medium cucumbers
  • Three stalks celery
  • Five fresh spinach leaves
  • ½ cup fresh parsley
  • water

Cut the cucumber and the celery into chunks that fit into the blender or the juicer. Blend and dilute with water.

Nutrition Information: Calories: 204 /Protein :5g/Fat: 1g | Carbs:55g | Calcium: 3% | Iron:6mg | Vitamin C: 106% | Vitamin C: 10%

Fresh Start Cleanser Recipe

This is an ideal recipe for those who want to cleanse their bodies off the toxins. You can drink this special juice for two weeks every morning before ingesting anything into the body.

  • I tbsp. wheatgrass powder or 30 mls juiced wheatgrass
  • 2 apples
  • 2 carrots
  • One stalk celery
  • ¼ medium size cucumber
  • One slice beetroot (finger size)
  • One small piece ginger.

Nutritional Information: Calories :400/Fat :3g/Protein :7g/Carbs :85g/Calcium :14%/ Iron :65%/Vit A :722%/Vit C :69%/Sodium :313gm/Potassium :1000g

Wheatgrass Refreshers

  • 30mls wheat grass or one tbsp. of wheatgrass powder
  • for this recipes, you can either use watermelon, oranges, grapes, apples or pineapple to make your favourite juice.

Can be served with Ice

Optional: You can add in a handful; of fresh mint leaves. You will love the touch and taste of mint. This can make a significant refreshing summer combination which easily disguises the taste of the wheatgrass.

The nutrition value differs depending on the fruit of your choice.

Wheatgrass Smoothies

If the taste of the juice isn’t your best, then you can blend in some fruits into a healthy smoothie which can quickly make an ideal breakfast or snack. Pineapples, grapes, and apples are the best complementary fruits, but you can also choose your favourite treat. You can either use powdered supplements or fresh wheatgrass to make your smoothie depending on the availability of the wheatgrass.

Pineapple-Coconut Wheatgrass Green Smoothie

I find this recipe a much more appealing smoothie, making it highly sweet and distinctive by creating a different savoury flavour.

  • Two small bananas, peeled
  • 2 cups pineapple, cubed
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 1 serving wheatgrass powder
  • 8 ounces of coconut water

Directions: Start by adding a liquid ingredient to the blender, followed by soft fruits. Then lastly add the greens to your blender. Blend until the smoothie is creamy. Blend in together in a juicer or blender until your desired thickness is achieved. You can add another half banana if want a much thicker smoothie, or you can use less if you need more of a glass of juice.


Nutrition Information: Calories: 423 | | Protein: 7g/ Fat: 1g Calcium: 16%   | Carbohydrates: 103g | | Iron: 4.3mg | Vitamin C: 277% | Vitamin C: 238%


Pineapple-Peach Wheatgrass Green Smoothie

This one of my best’ supergreen’ smoothie and I would definitely recommend it to you.

  • 1/2 cup pineapple, cubed
  • 1/2 packet of powdered wheatgrass or 1/2shot of wheatgrass juice

1/2 cup green grapes

  • 1/2 peach, pitted
  • 4 ounces of distilled water

Nutritional Information: Calories: 125 | Protein :5g/Fat: 1g | Carbs: 32g | Calcium: 2% | Iron: .7mg | Vitamin C: 150% | Vitamin A: 17%

Wheatgrass Mayo

Wheatgrass can be much more than just the typical beverage! You can add it to condiments and dips to give meals a zesty flavour. Boost your nervous and immune system by using the recipe below on your sandwich.

  • 3oz mayonnaise
  • Pinch of garlic powder
  • 4oz wheatgrass (or 1 packet of powder)
  • Pinch of salt and pepper

Stir all the ingredients in the bowl and generously spread across the bread.

Nutritional information: Calories :844/ Fat: 76g/Protein :8g/Carbs :37g/Calcium :19%/Iron :54%/Vit A :4%/ Vit C :64%/Sodium: 653g/Potassium :524g

Wheatgrass Pesto

If you don’t love mayonnaise, or if you desire a new way to treat your family or friends during a feast or a get-together, then you can try this amazing recipe for a pesto which easily supplements all the powerhouse of nutrients in just a dip of the pesto. You can even use it the place or red sauce on your favourite pizza or pasta.

  • ¾ cup parmesan cheese, shredded
  • 2 cups fresh basil leaves
  • ¾ cup olive oil (can use coconut or sunflower oil)
  • 4oz wheatgrass (or 1 packet of the wheatgrass powder)

Combine all the ingredients in your food processor or blender and mix them.

You can add a quarter cup of nuts such as pine or cashew nuts, to give the pesto an extra taste and flavour to the pesto.

Nutritional Information: Calories :1405/Fat :130g/Protein :48g/Carbs :16g/Calcium :150%/Iron :173%/Vit A :127%/Vit C :96%/Sodium :1530g/Potassium :1030g

Wheatgrass Sour Cream Dip

A wheatgrass Sour Cream Dip can be an excellent party stopper, especially if you are a vegan. Blend in together with celery, carrots, and cucumber. Add a dash of cinnamon and one oz. instead of vinegar to turn into the best fruit dip.

  • ½ cup yogurt
  • 1 oz. honey
  • 4oz wheatgrass (or 1 packet of powder)
  • One tsp of cinnamon
  • Pinch of salt and pepper

Stir together the ingredients and refrigerate it before serving.

Nutritional Information: Calories 300/Fat :8g/Protein :10g/Carbs :105g/Calcium :24%/ Iron: 65%/Vit A 300%/Vit C :57%/Sodium :224gm/Potassium :800g

These are some of the best recipes for incorporating wheatgrass into your diet. However, we all have our preferences, and we would love to hear your best recipes that we have highlighted yet.

Enjoy every bit of the recipes we have for you!


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