Get to know this ancient superfood!

Maca powder has many health benefits. Read on to learn about just a few, along with some great ideas to help you enjoy this remarkable food in your everyday your diet.

Introduction: All about Maca

The maca plant can be found on the high plateaus of the Andes mountains in Peru. Maca has been grown by the indigenous peoples of the region for over 3000 years. Related to the radish, the aroma of maca is reminiscent of butterscotch. The plant can be prepared in many ways, including roasted or baked, and also as a soup. Maca root is used for medicinal purposes and has many health-enhancing benefits, 10 of which are listed below.

Maca can help with the stresses of everyday life.

Maca is considered to be what’s called an “adaptogen,” meaning that it’s a plant-based natural substance that assists the body adapt to stressors, including a hectic lifestyle, high-pressure job or illness of any kind. Maca can have a calming effect, helping to relieve stress, and even boosts the immune system, which in turn makes the body better able to fight off stress-related conditions and diseases.

Maca has benefits for the reproductive systems and sexual health of both women and men.

It’s well-known by users of maca that the plant can increase fertility in both males and females. It improves sexual function and is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac by native peoples living in the Andes. The root also can boost sexual performance in both genders. Women use maca if they’re experiencing female hormone imbalance or menstrual problems. In men, maca can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase testosterone.

Maca increases endurance and energy to enhance athletic performance

It’s a widely held belief among amateur and professional athletes alike that maca can boost energy levels, leading to superior performance. For male athletes, testosterone may increase, a factor that may contribute to improved athletic performance and achievement, giving them a natural advantage.

Maca elevates mood and fights depression

Users of maca often report that it confers a sense of well-being, along with feeling more energetic and alive. This is due to maca’s ability to balance hormones and stimulate positive endorphins

Maca can help with women’s issues such as menopause and menstruation

If taken over time, maca is thought to show promising benefits to women with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. The beneficial components found in maca root can lessen the frequency and severity of symptoms caused by hormonal changes that occur in middle age. Maca balances the body’s natural hormones, eliminating the need to use artificial hormone replacement therapies such as oestrogen. For women of child-bearing age, maca can relieve menstrual symptoms such as cramping, heavy flow, irregular periods. It also can alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

Maca has been shown to help those who suffer from depression

One especially popular use for maca is in the treatment of mild depression. It’s known that maca can naturally increase the body’s serotonin levels. For those who prefer not to use anti-depressant drugs, many of which have severe side-effects, maca provides a safe alternative that does not cause weight gain, dulling of the senses, fatigue or other unpleasant symptoms of pharmaceutical antidepressant medicines. In fact, maca’s active ingredient provides a natural boost to one’s energy, along with lifting depression naturally.

Maca can improve the body’s circulatory system

People who suffer the symptoms of poor circulation are advised to consider trying maca as a way to improve it. The benefits also include faster wound healing and the reduction of anaemia. Please be advised, though, that those who take blood pressure medication should self-monitor because blood pressure can decrease when taking maca.

Maca for acne and enhanced skin tone

Very often the cause of acne is related to hormonal imbalance. Maca, with its natural ability to balance hormones, is a sought-after naturally-based treatment. This means that the body is much more able to process maca than synthetics alternatives. Remember, maca is a food, and as such has no known adverse reactions or side effects. Regular users of maca also report an improvement in skin tone, making maca a desirable alternative to chemically-based skin care products and cosmetics that can cause skin disorders. The nutrients found in maca are highly beneficial in treating acne and other skin conditions.

Maca fights osteoporosis and strengthens teeth and bones

A recent clinical study found that maca helped to relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. In addition, maca has been linked to improved bone density and strength. In addition, there can be significant benefits to the teeth when taking maca.

Other benefits of maca

People who take maca report feeling more alive and energised. Additionally, maca has relatively high levels of several critical plant-based nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, fibre and protein. The fact that maca also is used for anaemia (‘tired blood”), chronic fatigue syndrome and energy boosts means that this readily-available supplement is worth serious consideration. Finally, maca may have some efficacy when treating HIV/AIDS.
With all these properties to recommend it, why not give this ancient remedy a try?