Similarly to Chlorella, Spirulina is a blue green algae that thrives well in warm and alkaline fresh waters. Spirulina is neither a new nor is it a trendy supplement that is yet to fade soon in its popularity. Spirulina dates back to the 16th century, where Aztecs regularly consumed it as their source of food. Spirulina is best known for its detoxifying and provision of high quality plant based source of protein.

Spirulina greatly gives a tasteful roasted and nutty sea-hint reminiscent taste when added to smoothies, juices and various culinary dishes. Spirulina is a great vegetarian source of protein. Very few vegetarian people think of spirulina as a vegan source. They often consider sources of plant based protein to be seeds, nuts, soy, peas and beans, however we are going to highlight some of our favorite recipes of spirulina. Depending on its variety, Spirulina is chiefly a complete protein (it contains 65 to 70% of all the essential amino acids).The abundance of protein in spirulina is incredible in comparison to other protein source such as lentils (25%) and beef (22 % ).

Always flavor your smoothies with ground vanilla bean, cinnamon, raw honey, nutmeg, cloves, almond butter, cayenne pepper, ginger or just about any seeds or chopped nuts combination. The secret behind blending the perfect spirulina smoothie is using sweet fruits or nuts or seeds to give your drink a unique taste.