SP1Workouts make the protein in the muscle to break down and build up at a faster rate than it normally does in ordinary situations by the protein synthesis. Synthesis of protein is the process by which the human body takes dietary protein and converts it to muscle tissues. Protein is essential towards cutting and bulking during muscle building. Inadequate intake of protein, would result in a catabolic state, whereby the body breaks down its muscle to meet the body protein requirements. Thus, for those planning to gain more muscle and bulk up, stay away from inadequate protein intake. A combination of a rich high-quality protein diet and an immense strength training program is the best non-pharmaceutical way of gaining more muscles. Always distribute protein intake evenly in every meal to turn more protein into muscles.

Different foods contain different combinations of the amino acids hence it’s necessary to have different types of protein sources. However, leucine is the most significant of the 20 essential amino acids for the creation of muscle tissues. It takes almost 2 to 3 grams of leucine to create a positive anabolic effect from each meal. Spirulina contains this amino acid and each scoop would give you almost 3 grams of leucine.

We recommend that you supplement your diet with Spirulina, to get maximum results for any post and pre-work diet. It provides the necessary protein that is easily assimilated and absorbed into the body. Spirulina ensures that you overflow your body with adequate protein so that your body doesn’t break up so hard on your already earned muscle for more energy needs.

The ideal time to take Spirulina would be before and after your work out sessions since it’s a quick dissolving source of protein that runs through an athlete’s body within an hour. Another ideal time to consume Spirulina would be right after you wake up. The human body is in a catabolic state whenever we sleep, we don’t eat while sleeping, yet the body has ongoing functions even when we rest. Consuming spirulina before workouts, makes sure that your body has adequate building blocks to gain more muscles and by consuming after, you ensure that your body has adequate building blocks needed to repair the damaged tissues and cells of the muscles.


Necessary Pillars for adequate nutrition for muscle building

  • Eat six times a day to fuel your body with metabolism and maintain sugar levels to stimulate the generation of new muscles
  • Limit processed foods that are of high caloric and poor nutrient value
  • Always stay hydrated. Drink calorie-free beverages and water so to keep performance at an optimum peak.
  • Strategically eat your carbohydrates. Always eat nonstarchy carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables that have high fiber and gradually raises the blood glucose levels. Eat carbohydrates in the morning and after workouts to refuel energy reserves
  • Give your body adequate protein to maximize muscle growth while stimulating the release of the hormones involved in fat burning. While whole foods such diary, beef and fish are good sources, a quality whole protein powder such as spirulina in conjunction with the diet would adequately meet all your protein need daily. Add spirulina supplementation in between meals.

We have outlined some of the best recipes that involve supplementation of Spirulina. However, you can always feel free to alter the diet depending on your preferences and choices.


A Pre Work out Spirulina Diet Recipe

Spirulina Green Smoothie (400 calories, 50gms Protein)

Blend two scoops of spirulina powder with a handful of spinach, one small banana and a cup of water. You can substitute water for a cup of milk.

Spirulina Protein Shake (430 calories, 65gms Protein)

Blend two scoops of spirulina powder with 1 cup of Vanilla soy milk, and one medium Apple.

Spirulina –Orange Juice (40gms Protein, 350 calories)

A scoop of Spirulina powder mixed into a cup of blended 100 %orange

Post Work out Spirulina Diet Recipe

The timing of the post work out meal is really vital and you need to consume this meal at least 60 to 90 minutes after the workout session. Substitute high protein intake with 30 to 50grmas of Protein spirulina shake as soon as you are done.

The Spirulina Postworkout Shake (550 calories, 50gms Protein)

Two scoops of Spirulina Powder, mixed with 25grmas of dextrose and a glass of water.

You can add the spirulina powder into your mixed green salad.

The Papaya Shake (400 calories, 30gms Protein)

Add a scoop of spirulina to the papaya juice. You can add an ice cube if you desire a cold shake.

Spirulina Juice (30gms Protein, 25Kcalories)

You can consume one scoop of spirulina in a glass of water before bedtime.

SP4The Ideal Juice

You can get a scoop of spirulina powder to a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple or watermelon juice depending on your ideal choice.

Spirulina supplements are a convenient and easy way to ensure that your body is highly primed and prepared with the necessary muscle building nutrients to maximize fully on muscle gain from work out sessions.

Note: Maturity of muscle only happens by weightlifting and maintenance of good nutrition over a significant period. The more and longer you train the more your muscle will improve regarding its proportion shape, vascularity and fullness which are good at the creation of an illusion of a larger muscle mass. For any athlete or person targeting muscle growth and fat loss, then carbohydrate and calorie cycling are appropriate. This will allow times for a loss of fat and times for muscle growth. Muscle growth requires you to be in an anabolic state and a surplus of calories.